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About Paola...About Giuliana

Born on December 27, 1993 in Agropoli, Italy at 10:11 am. Of Colombian mother they are raised since their 3 rd year in Colombia. Since childhood they demonstrate an adventurous and curious spirit and great love for nature. Exploring since the age of 15 the world of paintings and the universe of the colors, like part of an internal call and a deep necessity of expression. The Andean and Mediterranean landscapes, as well the experiences lived in them, are reflected in their work in a constant way.


Self-taught in everything, painting is not an exception. They are playing with colors and shapes and they have empirically learned technique, their art being a constant discovery.

In 2010 they began to paint actively, made exhibitions and participated in different competitions in both Colombia and Italy. They are interested in children's illustration as well.

They studied Literature from 2011 to 2013 at the Universidad Tecnologica de Pereira, in Colombia, when their studies were interrupted due an strike, they moved to Italy where they continued on their way self-taught.

Currently they reside in Germany, where in addition to studying for naturopathy and psychotherapy, at the Paracelsusschule, are engaged in painting, music, astrology, yoga, free diving and ancestral wisdom shamanism. Both mothers of 2 little babies Mareen and Umi, born in 2019 and 2020 respectivly.

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